Review: Cinderella, Company of 4

Cinderella shall go to the ball! Oh no she shan’t, ohhh, oh yes she shall!

The Company of Four’s Traditional Family Pantomime is a must see, with tunes from Disney’s Tangled to Back Street Boys and The Drifters, there’s a song for everyone in the audience and there wasn’t a toe not tapping at some point during the show. Even giving reference to pop culture icons to the amusement of the older audience members, there really is something for everyone to love in this Panto.

With an unusual twist to start this familiar tale, our heroine Cinderella (Josie Temple) was found shipwrecked and alone by Buttons, a servant with a true heart of gold who works for the wicked Vaccinnia De Linctus and her twin daughters, Rubella and Salmonella who are as hideous as the names suggest (but oh so glamorous none the less).

When the one and only Prince Charming arrives in town with his entourage Dandini, Bitz and Bobz, (who do all the work) all the townsfolk want to ‘fangirl’ over the Prince. The Prince decides, in a bid to get away from all the attention, to switches places with Dandini!

But, poor Cinders has to work and doesn’t get a chance to meet ‘The Prince’! Will Cinderella ever get a night off? Will she meet the prince and most pressing of all, will Cinderella get to the ball?

Beautifully choreographed dance sections set to contemporary pieces allowed the Dancers showcase their talents and proved that musical scenes do not always need to include singing. The tots all the way through to the Senior Dancers and Chorus were a delight to watch and danced beautifully. Especially the little tots, who were truly charming!

The Company of Four’s Cinderella made great use of the set and had stunning backdrops to accompany the set on stage. I have to say, the props used when the Ugly Sisters are getting ready were truly imaginative and props (if you’ll pardon the pun) have to go to Neil Thorpe, Paul Leech and Neville Woolnough for the belly laughs that accompanied.

The Dames stole the show for me, and I laughed a plenty when the duo were on stage, whom reminded me a little of Danny Devito and Arnie in Twins.

If you’re looking for a fab, fun family night out this half term, look no further. The Company of Four’s Cinderella is definitely one to watch.

Review: Abi Mayes, Ipswich24 Magazine
Pictures: Charmian Berry of Berry Photographics