Review: Kinky Boots – New Wolsey

The smash hit, flamboyant musical Kinky Boots bursts on to the Stage at the New Wolsey Theatre this Autumn.

Following the death of his father, Charlie Price has found himself the reluctant new boss of struggling shoe factory, Price and Sons.  His immediate reaction is to stop production, give notice to his workers and shut the business, but how can he sack the people he grew up with, many of whom remain friends.   A chance meeting with larger than life drag queen Lola, gives Charlie an idea and the pair embark on a project that will change the way they work at the Factory forever with the launch of a brand-new product line… Lola’s Kinky Boots! 

Charlie and Lola come from completely different walks of life but they soon discover that the pair have more in common than they first realise. 

Keanu Adolphus Johnson makes for the perfect Lola bursting on to the stage with all the ‘over the top’ flamboyance that you would expect from a drag queen. Johnson is a very talented performer and brings the perfect balance of light and shade to Lola making the back story of this character so believable and he’s an absolute joy to watch on stage.

Matt Corner also puts in a strong performance as Charlie Price with amazing vocals and great on-stage presence.   The relationship between Charlie and Lola was performed brilliantly and we loved the vulnerability of the characters as well as the more upbeat humorous scenes.

In fact, the whole cast of this amazing show are a brilliant group of actor musicians, with not a bad vocal amongst them.  This ‘must see’ production is jam packed with fabulous musical numbers that are performed perfectly and with comic timing that is just spot on.

Even if you’re not a fan of drag, this show is for you with brilliant story telling with a lovely message hidden behind the tale of two boys that grew up in the shadows of their fathers.

Strong performances, amazing costumes, brilliant musical numbers and an inventive set, what’s not to love?  Go see it!

Kinky Boots the Musical will be at the New Wolsey Theatre until 24th September.  To book tickets contact the Box Office on 01473 295900 or visit

Review: Wendy Cook, Ipswich24 Magazine