Ipswich cracks down on parking ticket evaders

Cocking a snook at the council will become a lot harder for those who don’t pay their parking tickets, including those who haven’t registered their vehicle or have done so with an incorrect address at the DVLA. Ipswich Borough Council is seeking permission to selectively clamp these vehicles (or tow them away) to stop these users skipping parking fines.

Councillor Sarah Barber, Ipswich Borough Council Portfolio Holder for the Town Centre, says:

“The overwhelming majority of people park considerately In Ipswich. When they do get Penalty Charge Notices (PCN), near all pay their fines. It is on behalf of all who act responsibly that we seek new powers to stop those who park irresponsibly and evade parking fines.

In 2020, one vehicle received 121 Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) that we have been unable to collect as the vehicle is not registered with the DVLA. 193 vehicles qualified as a ‘Persistent Evader’, with 3 or more PCNs being issued and not being paid or challenged.

With clamping and removal, where appropriate, we will make parking and getting around town better for all.”

The Council needs the agreement of Suffolk County Council to start clamping and remove vehicles on the highway. The Council’s Executive meeting on 9 March will consider a recommendation to seek permission from the county council for these powers.